Information for Competitors

Information for Competitors

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Entries have now closed. Click the Tabs on left for entries received in the Championship Regatta, Open Regatta and Junior Regatta.

The South Coast Championship Regatta will be at Wimbleball on Saturday 11 September 2010 .  There will be a full racing program. 

The Junior Regatta will be held in the morning starting with Heats from 8.30 am, and final begiinning at 9: 3 0 ( provsional order of r a cing click here) .  All races in the Junior Regatta will be over the 1000m course.

The Championship and Open Regattas is scheduled to start from around 13:00 .  Races in the Championship and Open Regattas will be over the 2000m course - planned as shown here The Courses .

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For range of catering arrangement and social events. includng Friday Reception, During the day on Saturday, and Hog Roast and Prize Giving on Saturday Evening, please see Catering & Hospitality. All of the social events and catering provisions will be run in the Regatta field at Wimbleball under canvas.

The Reception and Draw will be on Friday evening, where we will provide a buffet and refreshments and there will be a bar provided by the Taunton Brewery Company.  The Reception is by invitation only but draw is open to all.

Don't rush away on Saturday evening, when there will be the Presentation of Prizes with Ed Coode , followed by Hog Roast, Bar and Jazz Band in the Regatta field and marquees .